Techniques of Magick

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To help you understand more fluidly, this gives a description of the different kinds of magick used. (:

Colour Magick:

Perhaps the simplest form of magick is those involving colour. This technique is also used in various other forms of magick. Colour can enhance, alter and completely change moods and emotions and therefore can be used to represent our certain goals. At it's simplest it can be used alone and can be used in dressing the alter.

Herb Magick:

To back-up use of colour, we can use herbal magick. This can also be employed alongside many other forms of magick. Used as talismans and amulets - for example in a pouch or bag - herbs become protective; the oil from herbs can also be used in candle magick. There are many different types of herbs available for this use. Each herb has it's own specific use, but can also be used in synergy with many other herbs and oils to produce a desired result.

Candle Magick:

As soon as man recognized the power of fire he found the need to control it. He eventually found this, in the use of candle magick, one of the oldest forms of magick as well as one of the most simplest. Using candles to symbolize himself and his beliefs meant that he had access to a power beyond himself. Candle magick formed an effective back-up for most other forms of magickal workings.

Crystal Magick:

Every stone or gem has its own attribute which can be used in magick. Crystals are used extensively for healing because of their vibrational impact they can have. Because of this, they lend themselves to the enhancement of any spell-making or magickal workings. Even ordinary stones have their own power and can be used as repositories for all sorts of energies and powers.

Elemental Magick:

In this type of magick the Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water are given their own directional focus to create added power. You will no doubt tend to favour one particular direction but should be able to use all of them.

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