Milosh's Triangular Veins Ward

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From This ward is primarily used to prevent passage of entities through any firm surface, but it can be also used to permanently block doors, or prevent opening of closets, chests or envelopes. It is rather simple to place, and is extremely powerful.

Placing the ward:

1. Using the index finger of your right hand, point to a spot in the lower left quarter of the area to be warded, vibrating "IEAOU." Visualize the spot glowing with octarine light. Place the right hand palm outward about one inch over the spot (as if you wished to push the surface there), and vibrate "ZOS."

2. Pointing to the center of upper half of the are to be warded, vibrate "IEAOU" again, and repeat the octarine visualization. Place your hand over the spot as before, and vibrate "KIA."

3. Pointing to a spot in the lower right quarter of the area to be warded, vibrate "IEAOU" again, and repeat the octarine visualization. Place your hand over the spot as before, and vibrate "IKKHA." The three spots should now make an equlateral triangle in the approximate center of the warded area.

4. Place yoour hand, palm outward, over the center of the triangle and say "XIQUAL." Visualise pulsating veins of light (usualy octarine, but color depends on the purpose) spreading from under your hand, branching through the surface and covering the entire ward area in an impenetrable tangle.
5. Turn your back to the ward, and say "SYCUZ."

Beware of a literal explosion when opening the object, it has been known to happen.

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