Celtic Centering

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A ritual on celtic centering.

The Center Point (Celtic)

The methods that I use involve putting oneself in the center of the Three Realms, constructed as a triskele. The first is a movement meditation that I call ''The Center Point.'' It involves both movement and a breathing pattern used to time the movement. Breathing is, ideally, timed to the heartbeat. Three each beat is one count. Breathing pattern is to inhale for 3, hold for 1, exhale for 3, hold for 1.

Movement is slow, rhythmic and deliberate. Each movement has its own meaning. Start standing erect, arms relaxed at your sides. Close your eyes and relax. Clear your mind, concentrating on your breathing, and listening to your heart beat. Breathe in and out in the 3-1-3-1 pattern three times as you allow yourself to relax. As you breathe in the fourth time, raise your hands from your sides and cover your heart with your palms, one over the other -- you are at the center of the world.

Exhale, moving smoothly to one knee, placing your palms on the ground in front of you -- you stand firmly upon the Land. Inhale as you rise to your feet. As you stand, move your hands behind you as far back as you can comfortably reach at waist or hip height. Your hands should be cupped as though you are holding liquid. Breathe out, moving your hands in an arc around you until they meet in front of you at about the level of your navel -- the Sea always surrounds you.

Breathing in, move your hands back to your sides, holding them slightly away from your hips with your palms flat, facing forward and your fingers spread open. Exhale as you raise your arms above you in a smooth curve over your head until the tips of your thumbs and index fingers touch --the Sky spreads itself above you. Inhale again, lowering your hands in front of you until they are once again cupped over your heart -- you are at the center of the Three Realms.

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