Gods and Goddesses

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An article on Hermes and what he means to other Gods and Goddesses.

Gods & Goddesses

All this talk of Gods & Goddesses raises questions of sexual politics. I hope it is obvious that witches have respect for people of any gender (the western habit of only recognizing two genders is rather limiting), but perhaps it may not be clear where we stand on sexuality. When I talk about Gods & Goddesses, their mystical marriage & sexual congress, I am speaking symbolically. This is a model to make sense of something ultimately beyond full comprehension. It does not mean that heterosexuality is the norm. The Gods & Goddesses can be as queer as any of us! So mote It be.

Several God & Goddess forms are particularly important to me, most especially Hecate & Mercury. I have already discussed Hecate in some detail.

Mercury, also known as Hermes, is the quicksilver messenger of the Gods. It's obvious to me the Mercury is the God of the Internet, so it feels particularly appropriate to celebrate him here.

There is the glyph (symbol) of Mercury. I recommend that you find and copy it onto your computer immediately! His energy is rather tricky as the God of communication is also the Lord of Lies. You can see why I call him 'God of the Internet'... Language is a difficult thing to hold down; it has an inherent tendency to be misunderstood. We are in the realm of the Poet & he Fool now, who are both dedicated to Mercury even if they remain unaware of it.

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