Miconceptions About Magick

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An essay regarding the misconception of magick in the world.

Usually when people think of magick they don't think of casting circles calling upon the old gods and goddesses, they usually think of pulling rabbits out of silk hats and other tricks. However, that wasn't the case a few hundred years ago.

Back then people were generally afraid or terrified of witches and magick. Eventually people realized that the witchcraft trials were a very ineffective way to ensure trust and safety into the peoples hearts and give peace of mind. Unfortunately some were too ignorant to figure this out and started to hold there own witchcraft trials, so a law was passed that said that anyone who claimed to have occult powers was to be fined and arrested also to be labeled a fraud.

This law was passed in England. After the law was passed people began to forget the ancient lore. Then after that charlatans and magicians rose and reinvented the western view on magic(k). Now people are starting to remember what magick really is and the Wiccan conversion rates have sky rocketed. Unfortunately with the Wiccan conversion rates going up so did the satanic conversion rates.

All in all, people are starting to be more accepting of the way other people think and feel.

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