Grounding and Centering

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Simple meditation to ground and center.

Find a quiet place and sit upright with your back straight and feet flat on the floor. Light your scented candle or incense. Take three slow deep breaths and release them. Relax and let go of any stress. Focus on the bottom of your feet and imagine sending imaginary roots into the Earth. Let these roots go deep and branch out taking in a deep breath as you do this.

As you exhale, send all your negative energy and stress down through these roots and into the Earth. When you inhale your next deep breath draw up into your body all the energy you need. See this energy as a white light or a green healing light. Let this light swirl through your body in a clockwise motion. Continue to inhale the positive and exhale the negative until you feel calm.

Now concentrate on the top of your head and imagine an opening on your crown. Concentrate on a pure white light coming out of your head and going into the sky. When you are ready, open this light so it becomes the shape of a funnel. Through this funnel collect all the love and energy from the universe that you can and let it fill your body. When you feel full pull the funnel back down and surround your body with pure white light. Refocus on your feet and let the energy from the Earth and the energy from the Universe become one. Let them flow through your body in a clockwise motion.

In your now quiet state open your mind and thoughts to whatever the universe needs to show you, tell you or give to you. When you are finished take three slow deep breaths. You should now feel relaxed and renewed.

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