Riding the Dragon

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This is a Ritual to ride the Chaos Dragon.

You will need:
Pentacle Disk,
Dragon Pentacle,
Water chalice with some fresh water in it,
Dish of salt,
Wine chalice,
Black or dark purple altar candles
Incense burner,
Binding incense and/or dragon's blood (basil or patchouli work well),
Gong or bell,

Cast the Dragon Circle, using counter-clockwise motions, and calling the elements in reverse order. When you kneel before the altar with the sword in both hands, project your interest and plea for help from the dragons of chaos as strongly as you can. Continue this for several minutes. Then say:

Behold all dragons of chaos, I (magickal name), seek your dragon magick. With (name of sword) in my hand, I enter your realm, not for battle nor conflict, but for knowledge and aid. I greet you, oh dragons ancient and wise. I await your presence.
Continue with the Dragon Circle until you are ready to do spellwork. Take the sword in your power hand, the staff in the other. Stand facing the altar and tap the staff three times on the floor while holding the sword pointed at the dragon pentacle. Chant in tones that vibrate through your body:

Come, Draconis! Come Draconis, to my call! Dragons of Chaos, hear me! Draconis! Draconis! Draconis!
Either remain standing or sit/kneel before the altar. Close your eyes and visualize yourself atop the back of a great chaos dragon. The dragon is swiftly winging through the sky, blowing great billows of smoke and fire. See him/her zooming down on your problems, scattering them, turning them into ashes. DO NOT specifically try to harm someone. Feel the excitement and rush of joy as you realize you are now free. Open your eyes, and feel within yourself the power of the dragon. Know that you are going to win over your obstacles.

Take the sword in you power hand and go to the East. While chanting, cut and slash at the East: The Dragons of chaos are with me. We destroy all problems and negativity coming from the East!
Do the same at the North while saying: The Dragons of chaos are with me. We destroy all problems and negativity coming from the North!
West: The Dragons of chaos are with me. We destroy all problems and negativity coming from the West!
South: The Dragons of chaos are with me. We destroy all problems and negativity coming from the South!"
Return to the altar. Still holding the sword in your power hand, take the staff in the other. Tap the staff three times and chant:
Transformation is my will. Use your power, my desire to fill. I thank you, dragons old and wise, Of Earth, Fire, Water, and Skies, for sharing wisdom here with me. As we will, so shall it be!

Now you may close the circle, bidding farewell to the element dragons in reverse order.

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