The Legion of Light and Dark

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The Legion of Light and Dark
Our mission as Legion is to focus on the deeper duality within ourselves and our world
Priestess :Merciful
Priest :Dalugnir
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Members :13
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We are Legion.
Within our Legion, we emphasize a deeper duality; the good and the bad are simply two halves of the same face we see. Like dawn and dusk and all the moments between the two, we recognize that there is no space truly one thing or another.
We come together as Legion to focus on this deeper, connected duality by learning our light, dark, and shadowed portions of ourselves, our inner worlds, and the ones that exist outside of ourselves. We do not see the world as two separated halves; we do not divorce the good from the bad, the right from the wrong, and the happy from the sad. Both we and the world have all shades and all spaces in between and we celebrate this.
We work to discover and accept all spectrums of ourselves and of those we work with, honor, or worship, whether they be human or Otherworldy. As a part of our focus we put emphasis on respecting others and their boundaries both within our coven and within the SoM community.
Our Application Process
If you've decided you would like to join us, please ensure you have a photo and something written on your profile. It would also be asked of you, if you could provide a few reasons as to why you feel you should join our coven, such as what brought you to us, what you might be able to contribute to our coven or what you seek to gain out of joining the Legion, relaying this information to our Priest or Priestess. Right now we have open applications, so simply hit "accepting applications" then "apply to join The Legion of Light and Dark."
For all our previous and current members: we give thanks as you have shaped and continue to shape us.

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