summon forth rain

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • •a cup of water
  • •a lava stone
  • •hazel

Spell to make it rain. It worked wonders for me. Try it and comment.

Casting Instructions for 'summon forth rain'

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   =>Rain Storm Spells
   =>summon forth rain
Go outside with your items and look to the sky. Hold the lava stone in the palm of your dominant or power hand. If you are left handed use your left hand if you are right handed use your right hand.

NOTE: In rare occasions your power hand might be the opposite hand you write with. Do what feels the most comfortable to you.

While meditating silently, call upon the sky, water, air, and clouds to bring rain to you. Hold the lava stone up as an offering and chant the following:

Skies above. Rain down on me now, please sky release your tears and banish this drought now
Chant this until you notice the wind picking up. When the wind is strong enough take a pinch of the hazel and throw it to the wind. Leave rest of the hazel in a small dish or container as a offering release the wish of rain to the universe and delve upon it no longer! The rain should come immediately, but may only last for a few moments. If the rain doesn?t come immediately just leave the offering and let it go

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