Rain and Cooling Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • - a candle
  • - a piece of paper
  • - a pen
  • - water
  • - fireproof bowl
  • - matches or a lighter
  • (- optional: salt)

Easy to cast, should make it rain during the next two days.

This was the first spell I've ever tried, and it actually worked.

Casting Instructions for 'Rain and Cooling Spell'

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A Rain Spell for beginners

1. Optional: Take the salt and draw a circle around you for protection.

2. Sit down, light your candle, relax, meditate, focus on your wish for rain.
Image the rainclouds coming your way, feel the rain on your skin, hear the raindrops fall and smell the purity of the cleaned air.

3. Write this down and say it 3 times:

Rain, Rain hear my cry
wash the world and wet the dry.
Lovely rain I need you here
make the heat all disappear.

4. Dip two fingers into the water and splash a few tiny drops of water onto the paper with your spell. ( Not too much, it needs to burn)

5. Put the paper into your fireproof bowl and burn it until there's nothing left but ashes.

6. Go to a higher place like little hill, a balkony or just open your window. Blow the ashes into the air.

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