A Rain Brew

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Pot, bucket or cauldron.
  • Dried fern leaves
  • A brand new broom
  • Imagination

To create rain. Caution should be used when preforming these kind of spells, mother nature isn't one to change he mind easily. I suggest only using these kind of spells when a drought has come to your area.

Casting Instructions for 'A Rain Brew'

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Fill your bucket, pot or cauldron with water. Add the fern leaves and take this mix and the broom outside where you wish for the rain to fall. With the sweeping end of the broom, stir the cauldron clockwise, gently at first but slowly increasing power, until you are thrashing the water about and the handle fees like it can stir itself. While you are doing this imagine a rain storm with its wildness spreading about, the rain landing with thuds against the dry, crackled ground sending up clouds of dust. Imagine the whipping winds hitting the trees and the smell of rain and your wet clothing. After this, take the broom up, face it to the sky and shake it. Then place it back in the cauldron and start stirring it again. Visualize the following again. After re-visualizing, take the broom out and throw it onto the ground. Take the cauldron (or whatever you used) and thrust it up, throwing out all the contents of the pot.

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