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The group of spells known as fortune spells can do two things. First they can perceive a future, and thus act as fortune telling tools. Secondly they can change and manipulate fortunes and futures.

The power of fortunes lays in the power of the magical forces which control all magic. The more powerful this magic force is within the caster the easier it is for the caster to manipulate fortunes and the more detailed fortuntelling can become.

More Free Fortune Spells

Black and White divination
Candle Wax Scrying
Charge a Crystal Ball.
Dream Discovery
Elemental Luck Spell
Good Luck and Well Being
How to Remove a Curse or Hex
Luck to Love
Money and/or Job Spell
Nest Egg spell
See a past life/future life
Sleep at Peace
The Dice Spell
To Feel Someone's Feelings
Very Simple Want Spell
''A'' on test
A Calming Confidence Spell
A on a test
A simple Money Spell
Achieving a Dream Job
All-Purpose Wishing Spell
Amazing good luck ;)
Attract More Money
Banish ZRosach
Blessed Water Wishing Spell
Calling A Lost Witch Spell
Candle Divination
Canine Communication Spell
Charm for Inner Strength
Compromise Promoting Spell
Draconic fire
Easy Money Spell
Fame Spell
Fortune Spinner
Get more magi powers fast
Good Grades Chant
Gypsy's Luck (Good) Beginners
How to find lost things
Increaser Skill
Inner Strength Charm
Legal Success
Luck of the Runes
Luck Spell/Remove bad luck
Mind Breaker
Money Attraction Spell
Money Charm
Money Spell
Money Tree Spell
More Money
New Home Oracle
Past to Future Spell
Piggy Bank Seed Money Spell
Prayer of the Native Americans
Retrieving memory of self past
Seeing into the Future
Shy Spell
Silver Spell
Smart Spell
Spell of Demons wrath
Spell to get Something.
Tell me my fortune
The Dark Reflectin Ritual
The Orange Envelope Spell
The Witch's Ladder
To Find a Lost Item
To increase psychic awareness
Visitions of your Future
Wish Fulfillment
Wishing Jar
Wishing Spell
Your Lucky Charm
Aura Reading Spell
Birthday Ritual
Cauldron Money Spell
Crystal Liquid (non toxic)
Dice Divination Extremely Easy
Dream Question, Dream Answer
Finacial growth
Forsee the Future
Friday The 13th
Future knife
Genie in a Bottle
Get rid of poverty
Good Fortune
Good luck spell
Happiness Enchantment
HOw to have the best attitude
Lemonade luck
Love Cards
Luck Spell
Luck Spell
Make a seeing pool
Making a Charm Bag Necklace
Money Bottle
Money Spell
Money Tree Spell
Paper Money Spell
Peppermint Chervil Sachet
Popularity spell
Scrying Spell
See Your Future Life !
Spell To Get A Job
The basics about spellcasting
Trinka five money spell.
Winds Of Time-Time Spell
Wish someone a safe travel
~*Money Spell*~
Make something fall from the sky
God and Goddess dream of the future.
Invoke happiness into your life
Protection Spell using the Power of the Sun
Use Shells or Pistachio Seeds to predict the future!
Decrease chance of falling while Ice Skating
Remember Bad Memories In a Good Way
mermaid spell tamsyn
a very simple money spell
birthday candle incantation
change your future
get luck love or money.
money pay back spell
money spell
oh money money
opening the inner eye
read the fulture
speed and agilaty
the spell of answers
yes and no stones
magic fog
the good fortune spell/bad fortune
Candle Flame Love Deviation
Cartomancy #1
Confidence in Your Works
Dream Incantation
Energy spell
Good Luck Herb Jar
Hysteric's Money Charm Spell
Lucky Keepsake
Necklace wishing
Open Sesame
Prayer of the Native Americans
Sigil Manifestation
Smarty pants spell
To Banish your Debts
To have visions in your mind.
Water's Money Powder
3 Wishes spell
A Lucky Charm
A Random Spell of Good
A Spell To Attract Money
Acoda's Money Spell
Altar of Weath Spell
Atract Good Fortune
Awakening your latent gifts
Better Attitude Spell
Body Swap Spell
Candle Blessing
Candy charm
Charge a pack of cards
Does Your Cush Love You?
Dream as a Vampire Spell
Eliminating Personal Poverty
Feed Me
Get Answers in a dream
Get Your Self Confidence Back
Green Candle Money Spell
How To Become A Vampire
Increase Popularity X3
Information-Candle Omens
Luck and Wishing Spell
Luck spell
Money bottle
Money Honey
Money Talisman
Money/Luck/Fortune Bath
My Greed
Penny for Luck
Postitive Chant by ripplefix
Recharge a Cell phone
Sacrifice unto Pharaohs.
See the Future
Shoon Lore
Silent wish
Simple Divantaition
Spell For Creativity
Spell of the gods
Talking to spirits
The A Spell
The Money Rock
The Talent Spell
Third eye
To hear your hearts Desire
To See the Future
Window into the future
Wish spell(works, but risky)
Wishing spell
Wyrd Scrying
Yemaya ublocking spell
Abundance Candle Spell
Bay Rum
Candle Pentagram
Clover Luck
Crystal Ball
Divination Light Spell
Enchant a laser pen
First Impression Spell
Full Moon Ritual
Future Seeing Spell
Get $1,000,000 Ever Year Spell
Get your considered dreams!
Good Luck Spell
Greater luck enchantment
Happy Home spell
Job Attracting Spell
Leprechaun Luck Spell
Luck Charm
Luck spell
Magick Ornament Spell
Make luck charm
Meeting Spell
Money Luck Spell
Money spell by Carmen211
Overall Positivity Spell
Past to Future Spell
Peppermint Floorwash
Powerful Money Spell
Prosperity Spell
Scrying Spell
Scullcap Money Spell...
Simple Health Blessing
Spell to Get What You Want
To find an Object
Wealth Attraction Bath
Wish of Subconsciousness
Wish Upon a Star
~Lady Oriel Healing~
Bountiful Ritual To Increase the Good Things in Your Life
Herbal magic to upgrade Magical Powers
Money Magnet spell- useful when your broke!
Relieve the pressure of an unfair Professor
Animal Magic Wealth Spell: Maneki Neko
Herb and Crystal Prosperity Spell
Remove obstacles from a relationship
stone magick
a wish spell
candle spell money growth
game or competition spell
lucky candy
money spell
my ture heart wish spell
one true wish spell
past life incantation
remember things from a book
silver coin money spell
test if you are magic
very simple money spell
dream of your true love
good luck
shadow land wind


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