Time Travel

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A clock
  • determination
  • great amount of focus
  • destination

time traveling forwards and back or to go back in history on forward to the future like seeing the titanic or seeing 2012.

Casting Instructions for 'Time Travel'

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Time Travel
Visual Exercise

Step One
Get comfortable and relax.

Step Two
Then close your eyes and visualize a clock face with the hour, minute, and second hands on it. the small hand on 10 and the long hand on 2.

Step Three
Once you have focused on the clock feel your energy blending with the clock. Then focus on the fact that there is the lineal time line behind the face of this clock.

Step Four
Then set the clock forwards or backwards to the time that you wish to visit with in the 24 hour period from where you are now.

Step Five
Then in your own time see your visual body walking through the clock face and into the lineal time line.

Step Six
When you arrive in that time period make a note of what you see and feel. If you go back in time and it is around a meal time that you would have had food or drink don't worry if you feel a tingling sensation in your physical body this is normal.

Step Seven
When you are ready to come back just reset the clock face to your time period and walk through the clock face again.

To write down all you have learnt about that time period.

Time Travel : Porthole Technique
Destination: place you want to go
Destination Date: day/month/year
Subject: what you want to see

Visual Exercise

Step One
Charge your physical body with energy.

Step Two
Then close your eyes and see your visual body standing in front of you.

Step Three
Then construct a porthole like you learnt in the section on portholes in front of your visual body.

Step Four
Then visualize that your energy is blending with your visual body.

Step Five
Next focus your mind on travelling to the destination at the top.

Step Six
Then see your visual body walking into the porthole.

Step Seven
Next see the porthole opening at the destination and see your visual body walking out of the porthole

Step Eight
Look around and take notes on what you see in that time period. Then when you are ready walk back into the porthole and back out into your time period.


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