Levitation Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • One light item(notebook, necklace, etc.)
  • Your Voice
  • Flat surface(table, bookshelf)

This spell should make an item float.

Casting Instructions for 'Levitation Spell'

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The first thing you should do is place your item on your flat surface. For me, it is a small notebook and a clear space on my bookshelf.

When you have done that, say the following chant several times. You have to say it more than once or twice, but you can chant it fairly freely.

"Float, float, air and sea, make this item float for me.
A delicate item, a simplistic spell,
No more sitting around, make this item float well.
Float, float, air and sea, make this item float for me."

When cast properly, the spell should cause the item of choice to float about an inch or two off the surface of your choosing.

NOTE: Before you get discouraged that you are not doing this spell properly, do not fret. This is my first spell, so it may not work. Depending on the amount of times you say the incantation, it may float or it may not. Or my spell is not working the way I intended it to, and the item is either not flying or zooming around your room. If one of those things is happening, please message me directly and I will work on reversing or deleting this spell. Thank you!


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