Body shifter

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • •You will need a image of your target person or animal
  • •Faith

It's not shapeshifting. Instead your soul will go to your target it can be a person or an animal. Memorize the reverse spell.

Casting Instructions for 'Body shifter'

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Spell to switch bodies

To start off hold the image with both hands in front of you. Look at the image and say

" gods and goddesses allow my soul to travel to my target and its name is [ name of person or animal ] and protect my body from any spirits gods and goddesses this is my will so mote it be "

Some side effects are:
Felling weak or tired.

Before you do the spell above. Make sure that your body is not visible to anybody or anything otherwise people might think your dead. And no one wants that.

Here is the spell to get back to your body again. Make sure that you are in the Same place and position as much as possible when you got your bodies switched

This is the part where it needs to be memorized

Say this in your mind

" gods and goddesses the time has come allow me to travel back to my body and live with my body so mote it be "

After that you should feel like yourself again.

This article was contributed by Sharkray

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