Summoning And Raising Any Object

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Paper (Optional)
  • Pencil (Optional)
  • All of your focus (For best results)
  • Patience
  • Works better the more skilled you are with μαγεία. (Magic).

This spell will teach you, as in depth as it can be, how to summon and raise any object, inanimate or animate. (Alive or not, like a dog or a pencil.)

Casting Instructions for 'Summoning And Raising Any Object'

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If you have the paper and pencil, write the name of your object and if you want a rough sketch of what it will look like. (You can start from here if you don't have the pencil and paper.) Close your eyes and imagine what your object looks like. Then, chant, 'By the power resting within me, take thee, and put it into thy life." Chant that twice. Now, after you go to sleep, it should form. In the morning, it will look littler, and you will barely be able to see it. Sort of like a ghost. Feed it with summoned food and give it water. After about two days of this, it should feed itself in (if you have made one) your dimension, if you tell it to go to your dimension, or go to it's own. You may also see it randomly. If you do, get away from people with an excuse or something and take care of what it needs.

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