Blowing Problems Away

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Flour

Have a problem in your life that just won't go away? Blow it away with this spell.

Casting Instructions for 'Blowing Problems Away'

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What to do: You might want to do this spell outside as it can be messy if done inside. Take a tablespoon of flour and put it in the upturned palm of your right hand. Try to pour it so its just in one clump of flour in the palm. Gaze at the clump of flour and think about your problem in detail for a few minutes. Pour all your thoughts and feelings into the clump of flour as you gaze at it. Then at it for a moment and say with confidence and determination:

(Problem like harrassment etc.) of mine, I do blow, You out of my life, Air take it, go!

Then take a deep breath and blow as HARD as you can so that the flour flies off your hand and disperses in the air. As the flour disperses in the Air so too does your problem vanish just like the flour. Go inside and wash your hands. Repeat every other day until the problem is gone.

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