Stop Nightmares

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • one white candle (preferably pretty small)
  • one white or silver ribbon

This spell can be used to stop having bad dreams. It requires very few materials and is an intermediate level spell.

Casting Instructions for 'Stop Nightmares'

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Siting in the dark, tie the ribbon around the candle, light it, and place it in front of you. Watch the flame until your eyes naturally close; once you are deeply relaxed, begin visualizing times or places in which you felt good in any sense.

Once you feel comfortable, happy, and warm, carry the candle to the window, and look up at the sky.


The Moon is my friend, watching over me, bringing the beauty into my dreams. The stars are here, forever to shine, bringing serenity and peace of mind. When I close my eyes, they wont be gone, keeping me safe until the dawn.

You could either find a tune to sing it to, or just chant; the important part is that as you repeat the chant, you raise and gather energy, putting your true desire for peaceful dreams forward and into the spell.

Once you have gathered and released energy, either with this chant or one of your own, extinguish the flame and take off the ribbon. Then, tie the ribbon to your wrist. Wear the ribbon (you can cut it) at least while youre sleeping until you start having nightmares again. Repeat the ritual as needed.


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