Advanced: Qigong chi 'vampiring'

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Advanced experience in the arts of Qigong and Kuji-in (for beginner Qigong, look into some of my other spells)

The ability to summon upon someone else' chi when you are drained or can't access your own.

Casting Instructions for 'Advanced: Qigong chi 'vampiring''

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If you are a Qigong practitioner but don't have time to practice everyday because of work or school like me, then you will know that after a long while with no practice it can be next to impossible manifesting your chi again. I was just experiencing that problem myself. But I figured out an easy way to get yourself back on track...
Chi 'vampiring'.
To begin, you hold the Jnana Mudra and feel your inner chi flowing back and forth like a pendulum hanging from the top of your head. Once your mind is clear and you can clearly feel the pendulum, imagine the person whose chi you are taking in your head. Picture an image of that person. You should begin to feel the chi in your body change shape. This is the exact way the chi was patterned in that persons body. When you feel this you're done. You now have fresh chi to manifest in your body.

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