Healing Colors

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This article will help you in energy healing.

Casting Instructions for 'Healing Colors'

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Healing Principles of Color Healing with color begins with a basic understanding of the specific function of a particular color. Of course, the list below is quite basic revealing mostly primary colors, but it?s a great starting point to help gain a basic understanding of the use of color with healing. My healing tradition emphasizes respecting the potency of the vibratory rates of the colors sent to a client by using a toned down version of the color and then amplifying it deeper if necessary. For instance, we are taught to first send the pastel equivalent of the color we intend to send first, and then varying the color shade as needed. White: Purification, stabilizing, the all purpose color. Use this color when you are not sure which color to use. It is beneficial to all systems in the body. Black: Grounding, protection. Black gets a bad rap. Black is actually a protective color. Avoid using too much of this color as it could bring on depression. This color is never used alone, but with a combination of colors. Green: Balance, general healing, growth. Used for circulatory system, emotional conditions, and conditions related to the heart chakra. Do not use this color for cancerous or tumor like conditions since green is a color of growth. Red: Stimulating, strengthening, warming. Used for circulatory system, sexuality, stimulating the over all energy of the metabolism, and for most blood conditions. Do not use red in cases of hypertension. Blue: Cooling, calming, cleansing, restructuring. Used for respiratory, eyes, ears, nose, asthma, high blood pressure. Yellow: Awakening, mental stimulation, used for most conditions related to the solar plex chakra, especially the digestive system, stomach, intestines, adrenal function, and bladder. Also used to stimulate the intellect. Orange: Activating, constructing. Used for spleen, pancreas, stomach, food assimilation, eliminative system, and most conditions related to the naval chakra. Indigo: Purification. Used for endocrine system, lymph system, immune system, blood purifier, conditions of the ears, nose, throat. Lavender: Purification, cleansing. Used for skeletal system, nervous system, balancing of physical and spiritual energies. Pink: Soothing, nurturing. Used for the immune system, thymus gland, skin conditions, inflammation, and helping to soothe emotional disturbances. Gold: Restructuring, strengthening. Used for cardiac system, the entire immune system. Healing with Color: Meditation 1. For this meditation either sit in a chair or stand. Imagine an egg shaped bubble around you. 2. Starting with the first chakra (red), breathe in deeply from your nose imagining the color red entering your feet and filling your entire body. When you exhale image the color red exiting your body into your visualized egg shaped bubble. Continue to do this until the egg shaped bubble is filled with the color red. 3. Continue to as in step two, but this time use the color of chakra two ? orange. You will then precede with yellow, green, royal purple, violet, and end with a luminous white color.


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