Electric sparks to the hand

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • nothing

Electric energy flows through your hand and how it moves is your decision. (edited version)

Casting Instructions for 'Electric sparks to the hand'

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Imagine electricity flowing around your hand. Hear the crakling and if you feel numb in your hand it is expected, dont worry. Now look to or feel (is a better word for it), your racing heart beat. This is mechanical energy, this energy is within your body, you need to compress your chest inward giving it a bit of a push.

Now, let your arms hang by your sides and lift up your forearms (with your elbows still down) and have your hands facing upward with your fingers pressed together. This will create an easy path for any electrical currents to pass. And by now you should be feeling a slight or large (depending on your charge) tingle in your chest slowly but surely streaming down your arm into your wrists and so on to your hand. And immediately, relax your chest and let the feeling just slip all the way down your arms and stop in your hands, gathered up and stronger of a tingle maybe a possible sting or burn.

If it works then try to have fun with it.
Do not try to electricute someone if you are inexperienced with electrokenisis.


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