colors of Power II

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Your Mind
  • The Dark (optional)

A further understanding of the colors

Casting Instructions for 'colors of Power II'

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If you've read the first Colors of Power this should not be to hard. The colors are veiwed using a gland of which I connot recall its name at this time, it is what people call the third eye it is a llpart of your brain that allows certain magic. These colors not only effect your mood but are the keys to your Chakra. Each color will heal your Chakra, here's how. Meditate on each color, by bringing as much of it to the center of your vision. Each time it heals your Chakra and mskes it stronger. If you get all of the colors in a circle in the center of your vision andif done correctly can send yoy out of yoy body and to what some desribe as the gray mist. It will feel like going out the back of your head. Exploring the gray mist is not encouraged for it is the land of no protection and where some demons lurk. Its useful to see if a house is haunted nearby or the one your in. This power should be used wisely.

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