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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Eyes
  • Time
  • A room
  • Belief

There is no easy way to transform. But with practice, you will. It may take months or years of practice. I am still trying. I got a sort of phantom/mental shift but then got scared. Let me now if you succeed.

Casting Instructions for 'Shapeshifting'

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I will use a wolf for this example. Please do not hate on my beliefs towards Shapeshifting. Also, other people can be in the house, as long as they can not hear or see you. Eyes and ears kill belief.

Go alone in your room and meditate. Think of YOUR fur pattern, YOUR tail, and YOUR enhanced senses. Try walking around in the mindset of a wolf until you feel your heart beating faster in a sort of mini adrenaline rush. For the next part, I recommend (this will sound silly written down, but it helps strengthen the belief and realness of it all) getting on your hands and knees and moving around in a small circle. Chant "I Am Wolf. I Am Wolf. I Am Wolf.". You can scream it, whisper it, say it, sing it, it does not matter. Eventually, close years eyes, but continue chanting and moving. Around here, I sort of started to ohantom shift, or feel kind of like a wolf without being one. Then I got scared. I opened my eyes and stoped. Tonight I am trying again. Good Luck.

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