Locate Near Spirits

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • •a clear mind
  • •no distractions (people, sounds, visuals, etc.)
  • •object of protection (candle, cross, etc.)
  • •Good control over flow of energy

This will help you come into contact with some dead and many spirits. I learned this method myself and use it every time I talk to a spirit when there isn't an Ouija board to use.

Casting Instructions for 'Locate Near Spirits'

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Sit in a room or wherever you feel most comfortable. (You can stand if you want, i prefer to lay in my bed)

Gather energy for a few minuets or until you have enough.(For me i gather enough till the air around me feels electrically charged)

Now there is too ways to do this, one way is to gather it in your eyes
and when you open them (if they were closed) release the energy out like laserbeams.
Imagine your energy running through the air and bouncing off others auras and energies. After they hit it, bring it back to you so it'll briefly imprint what it saw. (Sometimes i use this to see through walls, takes practice)

Now the easier method is to open your third eye and see everything, hold your energy spread out so you can get a clearer grip on how far or close everything is.

If you'd like, feel free to talk to them, open minded. Concentrate on the spirit to hear the response, trust and dont be afraid, many strange sensations can come over you while communicating with them.

Basically using your energy as radar and using telepathy. :) hope you like this and Email me if it works for you


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