Curse Ball

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Victim has to be a bully of a jerk
  • Hate and/or rage

A ball of curse to hurt your enemy with energy I can't come up with any other words to put there.

Casting Instructions for 'Curse Ball'

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Think about your enemy and all your hate or rage and close your eyes and imagine hin or her in a black room and focus all your energy of hate of them and and visualize balls of fire energy water and wind ( the bigness depends on the hate ) speeding towards him or her and when the balls hit them open your eyes and the next day or in a hour or a few your hands should feel weird and after this happens the next time you see the bully or jerk close your eyes and think of the same thing with the balls of energy but this time make fists and hold them tight and when they hit him or her open your fists fast and hard and they should be cursed soon and the effects are different so you should get something very new the other curses so tell your friends if you want but it will probably lower your rage or hate so probably don't tell your friends

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