How to Start Using Teleknesis

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 SMALL item (like a pen)

Telekinesis is something that everyone wants, but most people say it is impossible. Telekinesis is the art of moving things without your hands. You simply use your mental state to manipulate the anergy surrounding the thing you want to use. This info is for beginners.

Casting Instructions for 'How to Start Using Teleknesis'

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1: Clear your mind. Some people think that you have to be thinking of nothing, but that's a misconception. Focus on concentrating on the small item,(let's say we use a pen) and imagine that it is alive.

2: Pick up the pen. Examine it and focus on it until you feel like it it is a part of you.

3: Make Psi balls. To make a psi ball, all you need to do is put your hands together. Press them on each other. Now, keep your eyes open! Imagine that energy is flowing from your core to your hands. Now gather that energy into a ball, and slowly seperate your hands until it is like the energy is in between, and you are holding it, or making it hover. Concentrate on taking energy from the sun, the wind, the earth, anything around you. Focus until you fell like it's real. Psi balls can be used to manipulate objects around you. Try throwing it at something tall, like a lamp or tree, and see what happens. Usually nothing will happen unless you practice for a while.

4: Now that you've mastered Psi balls, make one and use it on the pen as a shield. Imagine making a tunnel from your mind and sight straight to the pen. Block everything else out. Take energy from the sun, the wind, the earth (just like psi balls) and transfer it to the pen. Make it clear where you want the pen to move. Up, down, left right. Make sure you are concentrating and focusing. Practice amy take a while, even years, but most people have more mental capacity than that. Don't Overwork yourself. Stop if you feel mentally or physically tired.

5: Meditation: Sit or lie down in a comfotable pose. Think of emotions, things that happened, or just drift off and don't think. This will help with your mental wellbeing and contribut to your telekinesis.


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