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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -Crystal or rock (I used amethyst).
  • -A candle of you choice.
  • -Something to light the candle.
  • -Incense or oils, anything that pleases you to smell.
  • -A bowl and some water to fill it with.
  • -Music, or anything else that would help you calm down!

This spell is mainly for if you need to calm down, if you are anxious and need some support.
It's like a reminder that you are important and to go at your own pace!

Casting Instructions for 'Calm'

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Light your candle, incense and/or oils.
Fill your bowl with clean water, and place your crystal or rock in it.
Try to calm down, clear your mind, have nice thoughts.
Try your best to project this calmness into the water, let it absorb your energy.
When you feel content enough, take your crystal/rock, out of the water.
Dab some oil on it or hold it above the smoke of the incense, try to associate this smell with your calm, clean energy,
When you're done then warm the crystal slightly over the flame of your candle. You can do this for as long as you like, but stay safe.
If it doesn't dry properly you can use a cloth or something.
You can chant something, feel free to alter this spell any way you choose, nothing bad will happen if you follow the lines to an extent, don't be afraid to personalize this.
Carry your crystal/rock around with you! Hold it or fidget with it to calm down, to feel safer.

~With love, Jaze~

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