Blessed Bucks (Tested and works 100%)

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • One dollar bill or any currency note (can be more or less than one dollar)
  • A pencil
  • Happy thoughts

This spell was created by Tiger Lilly in 1989. All the credit goes to her for this spell and i give a special thanks to Blessed Man for spreading the message so that it could reach all the way to me.

You will get results in sometimes less than a week or maybe two to three weeks.

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Casting Instructions for 'Blessed Bucks (Tested and works 100%)'

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To start with this is a very positive spells that can not go wrong and will not bring bad luck. Take the one dollar bill and take the pencil. Now write down on the buck, "May you be blessed with health, wealth and joy". It is important that you be happy at that time to fill your work with positiveness. Now take that dollar bill and go outside in the world. You must now hide it in a place where people WILL find it like hiding it inside the newspapers stand or under some product inside a shopping store. Remember you must not just drop it somewhere or people will think this an accident. Also you must not be seen while hiding the note or your energy might be broken. Now soon someone will come and pick that newspaper or the product up and see the dollar with the blessing written on it. Imagine how happy he'd be knowing that the dollar was meant to be his/her. Note: you must not wait to see who picks up the dollar. Just hide it and leave. Now soon (maybe between a week or after two to three weeks) you will recieve the money multiplied. I got 30 bucks for just one dollar that i hid. Note: it's not necessary to hide just one dollar you can hide as many as you like.


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