Method to Gain Full Power

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • focuse and reading this page to the fullest

now for chi users, psy, element controlers out there, fear is something we all have but afraid to admit ofcourse even the most experienced fear to use there powers its the unknown that scares us and the feeling of crossing the line this isnt much like a spell but a way to over come your fear of gainin power and gaining it

Casting Instructions for 'Method to Gain Full Power'

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close your eyes get comfortable no ones in a hurry my freind
chi users would know bout chi controling so i wont explain it just imagine chi and move it across your body to your mind
mortals has a hard time getting chi to there mind since iv allso feard it till a couple days ago, lay out every detail of your mind infront of u in the darknes (eyes closed) with every tingle of chi across the brain lay out imagine more and tel it what to do what to acomplish for example not to foget or healing or speed, power, id recomend you read science sinc the brain needs to undustand to control just like a baby learning to walk or write you got to make it undustand to perfect it the mortal soul and body are two different things but you got to be the soul not the body you got to command the mind and brain, just imagine every nervouse system laid out infront of you and what do you want is up to you

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