Gathering energy for a spell.

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -Your mind.
  • -One white candle.
  • -Good visualization skill.

This isn't really a spell. It's more of a method of grounding yourself and gathering needed energy for magical purposes.

Casting Instructions for 'Gathering energy for a spell.'

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Turn off all of the lights in your room, shutting off all electronic devices. Light a single candle in the middle of the room, and stand straight up with your legs shoulder width apart. Close your eyes, and breathe softly, emptying your mind of all Unwanted thoughts and distractions. After breathing softly, your eyes closed and your whole body relaxed, imagine your legs as the roots of a tree. Imagine the roots reaching deep down into the earth, the roots slowly making their way down to the molten, and crystalline beating heart of the earth. Don't let your "roots" get too close though. Imagine the warmth and energy from near the core slowly traveling up your roots and into your body, filling your body with its warmth and energy. Take only the energy that you need, nothing more, nothing less. After gathering the energy, thank and praise the earth for its assistance. I hope this helps. Blessed be.

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