Sacred Art: Mind Orb

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 2 - 5 spells (three is best, because three provide better balance to the orb)
  • Concentration

Create a special orb, usually comprised of three spells to help with casting. Can also enhance telepathy/psychokinetic abilities while holding the orb. This is a very old spell.

Casting Instructions for 'Sacred Art: Mind Orb'

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OK, collect the spells you want to cast. Remember, adding more spells makes this harder. If you want to cast more than five (5) spells, I suggest you create two (2) or more of these orbs to just make your job easier. :)
Almost any spell will work with this orb. When casting the first spell, focus really hard on the spell energy going into your hands and staying there. Once you finish the first one, cup your hands (into a bowl shape) and imagine a small ball of mist forming in your hands, about the size of a large marble. You can see why you'd need more than one spell for this. :) The size of just the first one won't do much in the orb by itself. With me so far? OK, good.
Now for the second spell. After you focus the next spell through your hands and into the orb, the mist should look like it's gently swirling around in your hands. For every spell you add after that, the mist should swirl faster and faster. After you've added all the spells you want, imagine the mist going out into the air and spreading around, finishing the spells. Some say they can hear the chants of some spells echoing around. Good luck with your spells! =D


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