Able Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Black Candle

A spell to make you more able to cast spells and perform your magick arts. Sort of an enhancer and dispell of obstacles.

Casting Instructions for 'Able Spell'

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Set your altar up as you so wish and invoke the god of creation from your own pantheon (Bia, Chaos, Ymir, Shay ect...)

When ready take the black candle in hand and start charging it with Black creation energy (Black is not a color of black arts and negativity, it is the color of the universe and its powers of creation. If you perform this spell charging a black candle with destructive negative energy, this spell will not only NOT work, but will back lash on you with negative energy) As you charge the candle speak the following 3 times:

"Let this witch now be able,
Make my spell-work very stable.
Universe send me what I need,
send this gift so I can lead.
And if the gods so desire
Never let my powers ever tire."

Now place the candle in its holder and on the altar. Light the candle. Place your hands about the candle and charge the candle more, saying the following:

"Powers of ______ empower this flame,
This I beg, in my magick given name.
With your powers of creation of deepen space,
Open the gates of possibility around my place.
Ancient powers that created sky and earth,
Let my spells be able to bring about a new birth."

Repeat this chant 3 times. Give a pause and say:

"Let this witch now be able,
Make my spellwork very stable.
universe send me what I need
send this gift so I can lead.
And if the gods so desire
Let never my powers ever tire."

When done, end the spell with a second prayer to the gods. Let the candle burn itself out.


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