Air Control Techniques

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Skill in visuallizing
  • Skill in meditation
  • Inner peace and quiet

What I tend to do when I control the airs energy

Casting Instructions for 'Air Control Techniques'

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First off visuallizing is seeing and feeling images in your mind and putting them to use in the physical plane on which we live. although it sounds complicated we really have done this at some point in time (daydreaming). Back on to the topic, focus on the air all around you realizing it is made up of 1 hydrogen atom and 2 oxygen atoms then focus on the slight breeze rolling in visuallize it coming from the ocean all the way to you notice how it is cool and refreshing but also hot and arid. at this point you should be in a deep trance-like state we call meditation. now while visuallizing and focusing call out to this gentle breeze saying the first things that come to mind. then ask the breeze to do something for you that only air can do. when you ask this of the breeze feel around for any changes and if need-be open your eyes. but remember to keep that focus or you will lose the breeze and have to try again. Remember FOCUS IS KEY

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