Complete Peace

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Chalk
  • A bottle of holy water
  • A knife

This is a ritual to reach a sensation of complete peace with all the inner self of a person. I have tried it myself and it worked for me(it calmed me down when I was angry),so please mail me if it works or not and I will try to ''update'' it from time to time.

Casting Instructions for 'Complete Peace'

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Warning:I do not take responsability if you will get hurt by performing this ritual.

First of all,make sure to be in a quiet place where no one may disturb you(preferably a forest or deserted area).

Use the chalk to paint an upside-down pentagram on the ground.After you have finished,sit down in the lotus position inside the pentagram,with the knife in your right hand.Close your eyes and meditate for a few minutes,until you are at a higher level of peace,then open your eyes and use the knife in your right hand to cut yourself on the lower arms(Careful,cut just enough for a LITTLE amount of blood to come out,do NOT cut your veins!),after which you pour the holy water on the wounds.After you did this,close your eyes and meditate until you are at peace with yourself again.When you feel you are ready,visualize the negative energies from your body taking the form of dark smoke and exiting your body through your mouth and nose(open your mouth to let the negative emotions flow out).After this,you are purified from negative emotions.


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