Relaxation Mantra

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Quiet place
  • Darkness (candlight if needed)
  • Your mind
  • Lavender oils, candles, or incense for added effect

A mantra to help rid yourself of any negative thoughts or feelings. Can be used to relax before stressful event (test, interview, date). Also can be used when feeling overwhelmed with dark thoughts (like dread, depression, anger), in which case, substitute ''darkness'' for ''tension.''

Casting Instructions for 'Relaxation Mantra'

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How to read:

"Open my heart"

(There are four doors on your heart. The doors open and there are dark, dead vines with objects of the stresses [pieces of paper with giant red "F's" on them for tests, broken hearts for rejected romances, person's face for directed negative feelings, destructive items like knives, guns, noose, etc for depression, etc...] hanging off as the vines constrict your heart)

"Open my mind"

(The vines lead up to your brain, which opens to reveal the same objects of stress hanging off of the vines as they constrict your mind)

"Let this tension inside me unwind"

(The vines all fall away, letting you see the positive outcomes [paper with "A's" for tests, bright hearts with arrows through them for romance, stacks of money for job interview, smiley faces for happiness, blossoming flowers for positivity, etc...] in both mind and heart)

Repeat until all the vines are gone and you can clearly see the positive elements.

~You can also use this mantra as a cadence while walking or on commute to whatever is stressing you, but I suggest doing it the night before in a dark, quiet place as well.~


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