Becoming In-Touch with the Elements

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A Voice
  • A meditation stone
  • (Having a representation of all the elements doesn't hurt)
  • This may take 5-10 minutes depending on how practiced you are

This is just my personal way of getting focused before any spell casting.

Casting Instructions for 'Becoming In-Touch with the Elements'

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The five elements are Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Spirit. In order to focus your spirit you can make an egg.

How to make your egg:
I demand and command that anything and everything that is not in total and complete alignment with __________, with my source self, and all that is be removed and contained be sent to its highest form of expression and not be allowed to return.

(Now you may notice the blank. You must repeat this 9x. Each time fill the blank with one of these (preferably in order) gratitude, compassion, truth, patience, connection to spirit, tolerance, acceptance, faith, unconditional love.)

-after that, say-
I command that gratitude, compassion, truth, patience, connection to spirit, tolerance, acceptance, faith, and unconditional love be in perfect rotation, seed atom alignment, harmony and resonance NOW!

I place the egg of unconditional lave around me, under my feet over my head, under my feet over my head, under my feet over my head, swirling around me, protecting me, and keeping me safe. I fill my egg with divine light, healing energy, Goddess' and God's source.

-now visualize your body filling with white light-

(Now you should feel very relaxed. That was the longest part, this next part is very simple to do, but can be hard to grasp at first... Please be patient.)

- Hold your meditation stone. Visualize your heart, not the cute, emoticon kind, the blood-filled thing beating in your chest, now at the some time imagine fruit-bearing earth, hold that image, now imagine the crop on fire, see it slowly become ashen, now imagine rains quenching the flame, let the clouds pass, see the ashes blow around the earth, reaching you. Open your eyes.-


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