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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Necklace or Bracelet (Necklace Is Better)
  • Picture or Drawing of the Person You Want Dream Read
  • Mindlink (See Instructions)

See someone elses dreams.

Casting Instructions for 'Dream Reader'

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1: Put on necklace or bracelet (necklace is preferable and make sure to keep your neckalace/bracelet on for the whole day)
2: Mind link with the person you want to dream read (each of you concentrates on each other at the same time. Mail me (moroccowitch)for more info)
3: Hold the photo/drawing between your hands and say: "Entertwined by a link of mind, tied together by only thought. I will jump into your dreams and drown in your fantasies" Note: You don't have to say exactly this. Just say an incantation that mentions how your minds are linked and you want to see his/her dreams. I made this one though, and think it works the best.
4: Keep the necklace/bracelet on when you sleep and put the photo/drawing under your pillow.
5: When you sleep, you will have a dream. During this dream, you will see a T.V. or book. If it is a T.V, watch it and it will show the persons dreams. If it is a book, read it and it will tell you about his/her dreams. It also might be a radio, so listen to the radio and you will hear their dreams.

Note: This works 80% of the time and is uncannily accurate. Use it as you wish and may you have good dreams.


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