Spirit Animal

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • notebook or dream journal
  • believe
  • will
  • patience

Use this spell to find out what your spirit animal in a dreamis for example mine is the spider which symbolizes fate. It may come to a shock to you with what you might learn (:

Casting Instructions for 'Spirit Animal'

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Your spirit animal may come to you in a dream or if you happen to run into a certain animal more than once and it does not come to you in a dream; it's most likely that is your spirit animal.

Before you go to bed write in a notebook or dream journal this incantation:

"Guardians of the dream world,
I call you to my side.
Reveal my spirit animal,
my protector and guide.
Show me the power, beauty, and grace
In the radiant eyes if my guardian's face."

It may take time for you spirit animal to appear to you in a dream. It took me only a week to figure out my spirit animal. It did not come to me in a dream, I spent lots of time in my basement and noticed that there were spiders near the places I usually sat by. I found them underneath my computer where I spent most my time and near the couches in the basement I used as well. I also know for a fact that the spiders never make themselves known in my basement they usually flea from people. The spiders I found were in plain sight.

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