Claire Anne Carr singing spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Red Potion
  • Orange Essence
  • Yellow Solution
  • Green Liquid
  • Blue Distilled Water
  • Purple Formula
  • connected flasks (Such as those commonly used for science, but in this case, they are used for magical purposes)

The potion needed to cast the spell is very very easy to prepare, as only the colors of the rainbow are needed,Anyway, the spell is activated as soon as the one who casted the spell say Raven's catchphrase, in other words, the spell actives if the one who casted the spell say ''AZARATH METRION ZINTHOS!''

Casting Instructions for 'Claire Anne Carr singing spell'

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align the flasks from largest to smallest, then pour the red potion in the smallest flask, then pour the orange essence in the next flask, then pour the yellow solution into the following flask, then pour the green liquid in the following flask, then pour distilled water blue, finally, pour the purple formula in the final flask,then with the potion created, waiting for someone unaware of your real intentions, the unaware dude will drink the potion, then as he walk away, take a deep beath and shoutAZARATH METRION ZINTHOS!which will activate the spell,so the next time a rock instrumental version of a song from MLP made by Claire Anne Carrstarts playing, the person affected by the spell will automatically recognize the song the rock version belongs to and sing it

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