Finding Your Spirit Animal

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Voice
  • Quiet room
  • 1 candle (your favourite colour)
  • Comfortable seat
  • Patience
  • Match/lighter
  • Quiet nature sounds in the background- optional
  • No bright lights

This spell is an easy way to find your spirit animal but you must be quite skilled in magic to do this and be very patient.

Casting Instructions for 'Finding Your Spirit Animal'

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When you are in a comfortable position(either sitting up straight or lying down flat and straight).light your candle and put on your nature sounds. Remember these are optional and have to be very quiet. When you are ready chant:
"Oh my inner spirit animal come out and bare your light.
Big or small, fierce or peaceful.
Show your true form in my dreams or even now.
Shy or confident I call for you.
I will not be sad if you are not what I wished for
You are the very best spirit animal for me
So please come out
So mote it be."

Repeat this once a day or week and in your dreams or day dreams an animal in its natural habitat like bird in the sky or cliff will be seen. If you have done this a small amount of times you might only see a glimpse or hear it's noise but if you have done this a couple of times it will be clearer to see.

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