Cleansing Meditation (Tested)

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • You will need:
  • •Jasmine incense
  • •Wormwood (burn as incense)
  • •Something fire proof you can burn incense on
  • •Alone time (preferably before you sleep)
  • •A clear space
  • •Meditation music with isochronic tones (optional)
  • •A chunk of labradorite (optional)

This is my first spell on here, so let's keep it simple. It's a meditation to calm your nerves and dispel any negative energy you may be experiencing.
You should keep up on meditation and cleansing in order to stay in balance. You can't take a shower once and expect to stay clean.**

Casting Instructions for 'Cleansing Meditation (Tested)'

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If you've had such an overwhelming day that not even a hot shower or bath can calm you down, and everything seems stressful, this could definitely work.

It worked well for me.

1. Set up a clear space, even if it's just your room.
2. Set up the incense, and burn on fire proof surface.
Wormwood is a slight hallucinogen. If you can't open your windows, only burn a small amount. With a small amount, you should have fairly nice and vivid dreams. I also found that it's relaxing at that level, and makes the meditation and the music much more effective.
Burning it with the Jasmine is a very nice combination, because it dispels the negative energy and or spirits lurking, allowing positive forces to move in.

It's a good thing. :)**

3. When you've started burning the incense, take a moment and think about what you want to accomplish in this meditation.
4. Get relaxed, and start meditation.

You can use the labradorite as a grounding stone. I did this, and placed it on my chest before I started.

You can also use meditation music.
Isochronic tones work well, if you have access to YouTube or the internet.

Otherwise, just focus on your breathing.
Make it your only focus, clearing all other thoughts.
Imagine breathing in white and warming energy, expelling that negative energy as you exhale.
Eventually, you will just be breathing. Not thinking at all.

You can fall asleep after or during the meditation, which is why you need the fireproof surface.

I would recommend that anyway... No need to start unnecessary fires now.

Falling asleep is actually a good thing in this meditation, because a good night's sleep has great cleansing effects on the mind by itself. Paired with this meditation, it works very well.

Well, that's it! :)
Happy soul cleansing.


This article was contributed by User433564

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