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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Quiet
  • Comfortable sitting position
  • Time

A simple spell/trick for meditation. This is half stolen from another user on here can't remember who! I took their technique and I changed it up a bit and it helps me.

Casting Instructions for 'Meditation'

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Sit in a comfortable position where it's quiet with your eyes closed.
If it's compelty quiet you should here something that sounds kind of like a static in your ears. Don't try and listen for it. Just stay relaxed and you will hear it. After this focus on the sound or quiet and count backwards from 10. This puts you in a sort of trance after that focus on your breathing. If your lucky your breath should be in tune with the counting if not don't worry about it. Count backwards again from 10 with your focus on your breath. The static noise should be softer or gone completely. It means your shutting out the world and deeper inside yourself. After you get to 1 you should be in a peaceful blackness. That means you've succesfully done your first meditation. Don't jump into images right away. That can be your 2nd or 3rd time meditating. You conjure up an image of a place and explore. For me whenever I reach the blackness a Forrest comes into view. It could be a mall or a sky or a beach or anywhere possibly imaginable. Later on once you master meditation you can move on to astral projection.


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