Wolf's Mind

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A bowl of water
  • Literally a pinch of Dirt
  • Literally a pinch of sugar
  • A meat of some sort
  • Night time
  • Any moon phase during a waxing moon
  • Full concentration on the task at hand

Will allow you to enter the mind of a wolf depending on your understanding of magick and the power of your mind.

Casting Instructions for 'Wolf's Mind'

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Sit down with the bowl of water and the meat in front of you, water to the left and meat to the right. Say:

On this night of the waxing moon, I give my mind up to the wolf, I give my mind up to the moon, And may I return at sunrise.

With this take the dirt and sprinkle it into the water. Then say:

This soil enters the water, As a sign of a forest stream, Ever running and changing, As the wolf drinks.

Then take the sugar and sprinkle it onto the meat. Then say:

This sugar lands on the meat, As a sign of the sweetness of fresh food, So tasty and juicy, As the wolf eats.

Then drink as much of the water as you want, and think in your head:

As the wolf would drink from a stream, I drink from a stream also, I am the wolf.

Then eat as much of the meat as you want, and think in your head:

As the wolf would devour a carcass, I devour one also, I am the wolf.

Then say aloud:

Grant me my wish, For tonight I shall be a wolf, And until sunrise, I shall hunt, eat, and drink, In a forest with a pack or alone, I shall run through the trees, This is my will, so mote it be!

Now go to bed. If this works for you, message me! Note: You will not transform into a wolf, your mind/conscience will be transported into a wolf somewhere on Earth. Depending on how strong your mind is, you might be able to control the wolf. Most likely you will watch through the wolfs eyes.


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