My mermaid spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -My potion(See below)
  • -bath(Warm)
  • -Paper and pen
  • -Know medatation

Your going too need alot of things to do this.(It's more powerful since I made it)

Casting Instructions for 'My mermaid spell'

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1.How to make my potion.
1st get a bowl.Then some seashells(small or large)
get some purfume(Smells like the ocean.)and last a blue scented candle.
Then some salt and water.
2nd get some water and pour into bowl half-way.Then Put alot of salt and dump it in.Ok so now get the candle and place in the middle.(DO NOT LIGHT)You will see later.Get some kind of spoon and mix around gently.While spraying alot of purfume onto it.Lastly you will see that its a blue ish tint and put a sprinkle of sand in it and seashells.
2.The spell
Go and write down this on paper.
Oh please,Great gentle mermaids and merman of the deep.Lisen close.I wish to what you are.A (Mermaid or merman).I beg you.I do.I belive. I would love to have the coler/Colers of( Tail coler ex.Neon green and black.Etc.) And wish that this ( neclace , braclet,Etc) Will be on me forever!And my power will be (Fire,Wind etc.)Also my loyal companion of the deep will be(Water animal)
Please.I will not hurt but only love.
Then put somewere near the tub will it will not get wet but readable.So keep your legs togather and it.Then get out and dry off.Medatate alone.When you are think only abount being one of them.Wake up then grab the potion and rub it all over your legs.
3.Im not sure what the sideaffecs are.You will turn next full moon


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