Wyrd Scrying

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A wooden bowl
  • A small knife or chisel
  • Incense
  • Candle wax (optional)
  • Water

How to scry using wyrd.

Casting Instructions for 'Wyrd Scrying'

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Begin by placing the wooden bowl on a flat surface. Take the chisel or knife and etch runes with speicifc and personal meaning into it. You may also wish to write your name to make it personalized. Get into a comfortable position. Fill the bowl with water now, and let it settle. Light the incense, of your choice, and spend a moment relaxing quietly, clearing your mind.

Call upon a specific deity that you wish to work with. Some like to call upon the Norns at this time, because they are the weavers of fate, and you will be attempting to read what theyve woven. You may say something such as: Three sisters, weavers of Wyrd, help me to see into the web that makes up the fates of myself, those I am connected to, and those I have yet to meet. Close your eyes. In your mind, picture three women sitting in a circle with thread between them. This thread is wyrd. As they spin it, focus on it as much as you can.

Open your eyes, and peer into the water in the bowl. Spend as much time as you need looking into the waters. You may see something now, or you may not. Sometimes you will receive dreams later on. When calling upon the Norns you may wish to specify that you wish to receive dreams, if this is what you want. An alternative to this would be to put drops of wax into the water and try to interpret them.


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