Open/Close a Beast Gate

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Soul
  • Extreme magical power

2 spells in 1. Because of the dangers of the first, the counter of it is included.

Casting Instructions for 'Open/Close a Beast Gate'

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1. Protect yourself before you do this spell. Circles sometimes aren't enough. I would cast lots of protection spells, go completely over the top if you want to.

2. Opening the beast gate.

To open the beast gate you would require a lot of power. First you must decide what creatures you want to summon. They are the main thing.

To do this correctly, you must have the creatures you want to summon in your mind at all times.
While thinking of those creatures say
'Hakre sulon keritha metilo'
(A-kray sue-lon -ker-ee-tha me-tee-low)

3. Closing the beast gate.
To close the beast gate, you need immense power. I would suggest having someone more experienced than you on hand when casting this. If you require me to close the beast gate after you have opened it message me BEFORE YOU OPEN THE BEAST GATE. If you don't things could get way out of hand before I can do anything. Wait until everything is organised before you even attempt opening the beast gate.

To close the beast gate you could use one of two incantations. 1 of them is written in an article by me. The other is the following:

'Hikare mudano filera kithento'
(ee-car-a moo-dan-oh fill-air-a keith-ent-oh)

If you have any questions (i.e. what language the incantations are in) message me.


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