Call of the Moondragon

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Your Personal Sigil
  • A Non-Permanent Marker
  • A illuminator candle with the color corresponding to the elemental moondragon your calling candle.

This spell is to call upon one of the four elemental moon dragons for protection, guidance, wisdom, strength etc.

Casting Instructions for 'Call of the Moondragon'

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   =>Call of the Moondr

Mark your sigil on your right hand, or hold it in your right hand face/ point it towards the moon while holding your illuminator candle in the other hand, preferably at its highest point in the night sky and recite loudly and clearly:

On wings of thunder honor bound Search me out, as I drum the sound Twist and turn in the night Dragon come, my guiding light Air and Water, Fire and Earth In lunar rays I await a new minds birth Protector and guardian, friend not foe Come to me, see my yearning sigil glow The moon is high, the sky is clear as you come near evil shall disappear Forever you have been, forever you shall reign Protecting destiny from harm and bane I beacon thee, I beacon thee, your spirit great Guard this circle in honor of our fate Oh mighty Dragon thou I see Welcome O Guardian (Dragons Name) As Above--So Below, Blessed Be!

The Spell is intended to call forth one of the four elemental Moondragon Kings: Alion (Al-E-ON) Moondragon of Air, Coronus (Core-O-Noose) Moondragon of Fire, Torgone (Tore-Gone) Moondragon of Water, and Entis (In-Tis) Moondragon of Earth. However, the spell may be used to call upon any of the dragons.


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