Channeling A Deva

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A small stone (earth)
  • A feather (air)
  • A coin (gold) for fire
  • A silver coin for water
  • A crystal

Learn how to channel a deva.

Casting Instructions for 'Channeling A Deva'

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The word Deva comes from the Sanskrit language and means a being of brilliant light.They have great powers in the water,skies,earth, and love music and singing. They are also asscoiated with the four Elements. and rule over these. One way to connect with a Deva is ask it a question, Deva rituals are important as they empower things.

Cast a circle clockwise beginning in the North as usual. While holding your wand, say: I cast this circle in the place of the Devas, asking their blessing, power and their protection upon this ritual and land. Hold the stone and say, Devas of the earth who make the soil fertile, I greet you.Hold the feather and say, Devas of the air who form the clouds and wind, I greet you.Hold the gold coin and say, Devas of fire who assist the sun, I greet you. Lastly, hold thesilver coin and say: Devas of the west, who orders the tides, I greet you.

To finish the ritual, chant: Empower the skies. Empower the earth. Give life to the sun. Heal the moon. After this, thank the Devas and say, May the circle of power and protection be uncast, so mote it be to finish.


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