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If you do the spell right, you should get a spirit animal who would be your companion. You can see where it is if the area seems to be lightly ''pulsing''. It can help you in spells and make you energy more powerful.

Casting Instructions for 'Create a Spirit Animal'

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If you accidentally conjure forth an evil spirit, you might want to learn some banishing spells beforehand, and do some protection spells before you start, that way you and whoever lives with you will be safe from it. So lay down or sit down and relax, and meditate a few minutes. Then, open your eyes and say:

In day and night, through dark and light, I call forth a spirit to protect me. In the form of a spectral (animal you want). This guardian will never leave my side. If you feel a surge of presence, close your eyes and try to do telepathy. Try to get to know the spirit, because it wants to be with you. First ask it these questions: Do you have good intentions? Are you male or female? What animal are you? What is your name? Ask it what animal it is because you may not get the animal you want. If it says it does have good intentions, it could be lying! Ask it to take an oath to harm nobody in this realm, and to guard you for your whole life. If they accept, they have good intentions. If they refuse, then they are evil and want to harm you. If it is evil, try to banish it. If you cannot feel its presence, the spell worked. You can Have as many as you want, and they will help increase your magical power and energy, and you dont even have to ask them.


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