contact a god *tested* *dangerous*

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • one bowl of water
  • 0-10 candles
  • outside (any outdoor place will do)
  • basil,thyme or any herb
  • a religious symbol of the god you wish to contact
  • an offering like money from this world/essence of cedar on a cloth anything

Warning if you DO contact a god, do not provoke them or they will curse you so be careful

Casting Instructions for 'contact a god *tested* *dangerous*'

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place the candles around you if you have one. light them up. place the bowl of water in front of you. sit any way. put the herb in the bowl. hold the religious symbol in your hands. put the offering in the front of the bowl. dip the symbol and your hands in the bowl. Chant in any language :
god of _____ i pray to you.x3
All mighty _____ god of ____
My soul forever belongs to you.
Now Hear my devotion, my binding contract
let me reach to the heavens/ underworld/ where your god lives
and hear me call come forth and bear me good fruit
o mighty ___

pour the water around your area and say come forth until your god arrives when you see god then give him/her the offering and greet always by saying mighty king of__ or mighty queen of___ welcome to earth to close the spell, blow out the flames saying thank you ___

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